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Psychic Entertainment
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Presenting the Art of Sensitive Readings
Crystal Ball Gazing - Cartomancy - Numerology -Handwriting Analysis
Bones - Runes
"BONES,"  the reading thereof have been specially prepared for the guest to strew them upon a cloth, as Mademoiselle interprets the configuration - much like reading the ancient "RUNES/STONES".  The emphasis is always upon that which is positive - no time for the negative.

Parties are meant to be fun.  Celebrating Mardi Gras, Halloween, Voo Doo, or similarly "off beat" themes, will find that the reading of "bones" can be an astonishing amusement.  Keep in mind, brief readings are party-appropriate.

Gypsy + Cuban Card Interpreter
Palmistry - Psychomerty
Coffee Grounds - Tea Leaves

Certified & Licensed
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